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These seminars are awesome; they are FREE, open forum and open to the public. The seminars aren’t the traditional style seminars, where its lecture and no rebuttals.

Here you get the opportunity to ask any questions or share knowledge you may have in the word of God. The main thing that stands out about this class is everything that is discussed is strictly word and not based off of opinion, so anyone in attendance has the chance to share what they’ve been taught and biblical answers are given on the subject.

The subjects taught are life and death; everyone that takes the time to complete a full course is overwhelmed with joy due to the knowledge of TRUTH received that’s not being taught in many churches.

The series includes: The Second Coming of Christ, The Judgement, The Two Convenants, Identification of the Beast and Grace.

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Outreach Ministry

The purpose of Outreach Ministries is to give the Body an opportunity to: minister to those in need, provide for the believers, and spread the gospel locally, nationally and globally, thereby fulfilling the call of Christ. 


A virtuous woman is a woman of many strengths and heroic courage. Not exactly the picture of Victorian grandmothers dressed in black or pale-complexioned ladies sipping tea! A virtuous woman is a woman of much strength within, along with attributes seen on the outside. Women of Virtue is a ministry designed to equip women with God’s Word, so they can make a godly impact in their homes, in their workplaces, and in their schools. This ministry includes Bible studies, also a time of worship teaching from God’s Word, and small group time to enable you to grow in your walk with the Lord, enjoy fellowship, maintain accountability, and create long-lasting friendships.

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Who is it for?

Adults who have not married, either by choice or other factors , and those who have experienced divorce or the loss of a spouse.

Our Purpose:

Singles Ministry is one way for the church to provide opportunities and support for singles. Support for common and particular needs experienced by singles

Our Vision:

Recognizing that all Christians are called to envision God’s future together, we affirm that Singles Ministries is a unique call to offer understanding, compassion, and support to one another in promoting wholeness. We accept and encourage all to labor together with God for the accomplishment of God’s work entrusted to all. We proclaim kinship with Jesus Christ as we promote understanding and support for each other.

Our Mission:

Singles Ministries will provide a support network for new visions, strategies, goals, and personal worth, focused on God, for the adult person who has never married or who is divorced or widowed.

As the body of Christ, we seek to enrich the lives of all persons. We will respond through mutual sharing, unconditional love, and development of a greater appreciation of other cultures and diversities of persons.


A FREE program for the young growing males from ages 7-17. The program has many different stages to help and prepare our next generation of men. In these days more young males are without both support of the father, and mother. The Repairs of the Breach is there to help single parents, and also married parents. With the programs that we provide the boys’ are required to attend Bible devotional lesson, they are able to complete many stages of R.O.T.C drills and lessons, and also the physical education training, after your young male completes the sessions of the programs they will be ready mentally, physically, and spiritually ready to take on the world with all its challenges.