What is leadership?


Leadership is the process by which one person or persons influence the thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors of others. The world is influenced by its leaders; they help see what lies ahead; they help visualize what might be achieved; they encourage and inspire. Without Godly leadership the world of human beings quickly degenerates into argument and conflict, everyone going their own separate ways building their own beliefs. Godly Leadership helps to point all in the same direction and harness our efforts jointly. Here at GFW Ministries, we believe that Godly leadership is the key to spiritual success. Over time the church of God as a whole has been separated due to the lack of Godly leadership, the church has seriously been influenced by the world rather than the world being influenced by the church (The Body of Christ). We believe that with the promotion of the word of God, and the proper foundations, we can build leaders in our community and throughout the world.


Why do we take leadership so seriously?

At GFW Ministries, we take leadership serious because leaders possess the ability to get other people to do something significant that they might not otherwise do. Godly leaders energize people toward a goal that matters, helping others see the truth while pressing towards the mark of Jesus Christ. Few things are more important to human activity than Godly leadership. Effective leadership in the Word of God will help draw a clear distinction between the world and the children of God. Without proper leadership, it’s easy to accept things that shouldn’t be, and if we are aspiring to overcome this world we need God-strong leaders to lead the way.